Hello, this is Hisa, a geek housewife. I draw fanart as a hobby.

This time, I drew the three MCs of the Korean music program THE SHOW.

A trio of ATEEZ Yeosang, TEMPEST Hyunseop, and my bias NCT WayV Xiaojun, all born in 1999.

The production time is about 10 hours.

I was going to draw it roughly, but it took a lot of time…

Below is the production process. This is a drawing I made with the iPad drawing app Procreate.

Line drawing

(1)Walk through moving image (2)Draft (3)Line drawing
It is drawn in 3 layers.

(1)Walk through moving image

Roughly draw with the brush “(Sketch) Narinder Pencil“.


Lower the opacity of the (1)Walk through moving image layer, overlay the draft layer on top of it, and draw.The brush is also Narinder Pencil.

(3)Line drawing

I will draw with the brush “(inking) drafting pen“. I wanted to finish it roughly this time, so I completed the line drawing while leaving the (2)draft layer.

If you want to draw more precisely, you can hide the (2)draft layer and draw more on the (3)line drawing layer.On the other hand, there are times when you draw illustrations without line drawings up to the (2)draft.

It’s the first time I’ve drawn Yeosang and Hyunseop, so I wonder if I could make them look like him…however, if I draw too much here, the line art will be too strong and the balance will change when I color it, so I will round it up moderately.


The coloring is also rough, and the image is finished as if it were painted with analog Copic.

In such cases, I often use the brush “(Drawing) Eagle Hawk”. If you lower the opacity appropriately (I use about 48%) and paint over it little by little, you can get a nice uneven color like Copic.

As I added more colors and adjusted the line art, there was something strange about Yeosan’s eyes (on the left)… he was a little too round and too cute… I wanted to create a more mysterious atmosphere…So, at this stage, I made some adjustments.

I’d like to do this kind of correction at the line drawing stage as much as possible, but I can’t notice it unless I put the color on it.Anyway, that’s it.